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Stepping Stone Support Center

for adults with developmental disabilities

Our Space

We are located in the Villager Square Shopping Center, just southeast of Kipling and Ken Caryl:
9032 West Ken Caryl Ave., A-1
Littleton, CO 80128

We also partner with Calvary South Denver Church and utilize their food bank and coffee shop. Our main facility and the church are located in the same shopping center, which gives us the best of both worlds; we have our own space—for programs and offices and community space—for operating our Stepping Stone Co-op and engaging in other community activities.

In our main building, we have a large community room, three program/team rooms, and a spacious kitchen for programming needs. We have office space for administration and a conference room for scheduled meetings. Come visit our reception area at the church, during our coffee shop hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.), and please contact us for a tour of our main facility!

The Heart

Stepping Stone’s guiding principle is that adults with developmental disabilities have an amazing amount of potential. They just seldom have the opportunity to blossom. Perhaps you have had difficulty finding employment and have dreams of living independently. Maybe you are afraid that if you express yourself freely, you won't be taken seriously…. We want to put an end to these doubts and put the steps into motion that will make dreams a reality.

We LOVE our participants and their families and want to provide activities that are productive, not just busy work. In talking to many of the parents of adults with developmental disabilities, four urgent areas were identified:

  • 1. Limited Funding

    • Waiting lists and caps on funding systems are a fact of life for adults with disabilities. Our supporting non-profit Lexi & Carly & Friends raises money to help those with a lack of financial resources. As funds permit, this non-profit provides participation stipends based on the need.

  • 2. A Lack of Opportunity

    • Being productive can give you a reason to get up in the morning! Stepping Stone is creating numerous vocational experiences through the Center as well as partnering with local businesses in the community. We have created a Stepping Stone Co-op to empower the participants with running their own business. Stepping Stone provides advice and expertise and profits are distributed to the Co-op members as dividends.

  • 3. Inadequate Transportation

    • Stepping Stone understands that transportation is a road block for adults with developmental disabilities. We have arranged transportation to and from the Center and to many of our community activities. Resources are currently limited, but we strive to accommodate as many requests as possible.

  • 4. Where will my participant live in the long run?

    • Residential Living- Stepping Stone’s long term goal is to set up a living experience for adults with developmental disabilities to live apart from their families in a supportive and encouraging community. We will help with activities of daily living for our participants and create a sustainable environment for each individual; giving them responsibilities and the independence to provide for themselves.